Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from our everyday choice.

Not everything we know has to be this way

If you think something could be better, maybe you’re right?

In the 21st century, we no longer have problems with the range of goods and services. But now there is another problem – the problem of choice.

Amazon has millions of products from thousands of manufacturers around the world. But we only need a dozen – which one to choose? How to be certain in quality? How to choose a unique product that will not harm nature?


2 Years in helping Local Businesses

Looking for the best products and services, we realized that most often they are made by a talanted craftsmen nearby. But here’s the problem – those who know how to create unique things, often do not know how to talk about them. And that’s why they’re so hard to find. As soon as we realized this, we started helping great local businesses go online.

We created websites, developed brands, improved services and built communications. We did it for two years and finally realized that it helps hundreds of people, but how to change the situation for millions? So we founded UNQA and this space is only part of our global vision on how to help people make better choice a part of their everyday life.


Uniqueness, Naturalness, Quality Assurance

We believe that the future of humanity depends on the choices made by each individual, each time. The quality of this choice has far more implications than we used to think. Our mission is to help you choose better. If producers were concerned about the quality of products at the stage of production – we would not have problems with the environment, health and processing.

But all we can do is vote with our money for those who try better – so that the responsible companies make more profit and develop better. In this way, we can change the balance of power and enjoy the best experience of conscious consumption of sustainable products. This way together we can slowly change the whole market.


Three steps to make a difference


Create a media space with the best articles and reviews of goods and services from around the world. So that people can easily make best choice for everyday life.


Create a platform for creators so they can independently exhibit their creations. Where all products will be assured by uniqueness, naturalness and quality. Help creators as a digital agency.


Create a collective investment fund for local businesses. So that millions of people around the world can do their favorite thing and give us the best experience.

Keeping one’s self going is a difficult thing to do. There are a million distractions.


If you create unique high-quality things, be it clothes, furniture, art objects or even code, write us a letter and we will tell about you on our UNQA SPACE.

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